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Raising faith voices


Raising faith voices

During an era of increasing political polarization, religions are often instrumentalized in support of extremist positions that harm rather than advance family health and well-being; women’s rights and gender justice; and peaceful, just and inclusive communities. Positive faith voices and consensus statements on these issues are too seldom properly heard in these contexts. Faith to Action Network seeks to raise the voices of informed faith actors who support our mission.

Faith to Action Network has both the commitment and the ability to bridge learning at the grassroots level with advocating internationally. Activities crucial to the Network’s vision and mission include amplifying faith voices; advocacy and communication; and dialogue, collaboration. Convening safe spaces and bridging differences, especially connecting local priorities to broader agendas. It brings genuinely local, community engagement to international decision-makers, fora and venues.

One important method for raising faith voices has been establishing  a regional hub system. Regional Hubs enable the Network to activate and mobilize faith actors regionally for joint planning and implementation; quick feedback and consultation; quick response when needed for response to urgent matters. Regional hubs help strengthen the coherence of member and partner actions in countries that are geographically proximate and share many common interests.

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