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Faith to Action Network

Managing for success


Managing for success

Faith to Action Network is a trusted partner that is seen as delivering results with a high degree of integrity and commitment to inclusion. It uses technical assistance and small grants to increase members’ institutional resources and effectiveness, helping them have the connections, know-how and skills to engage with international decision-makers for resource mobilization and advocacy. The Network aims to achieve international standards of professionalism across all its endeavours while retaining effective communications colloquially with members operating locally.

About us

We mobilize faith actors for interfaith dialogue and collaboration to advance family health and well-being; women’s rights and gender justice; and peaceful, just and inclusive communities, consistent with one’s faith.


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Faith to Action Network
Faith to Action Network2 months ago
📣Attention, everyone!

Happening Now! Join us right now at #WD2023 in Kigali, Rwanda as Faith to Action Network presents an engaging discussion on ‘Gender Assessment Methodology: Embedding Gender Equality and Women’s Rights Within Faith Organizations.’

This groundbreaking session is a game-changer, exploring innovative approaches to foster equality and empowerment within faith-based communities.

Don’t miss out on this inspiring event! 👇

⏲ Right Now!
👉 M Hotel Pelican-3

#FaithActors4Justice #WomenRights #YW4A #WD2023

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